brand strategy:
discovering the distinctive

Brand strategy is business strategy. Brand sets you apart from competitors and empowers your employees while creating a perception of value in the minds of your customers. Brand comes from inside your organization, not from consumer research.

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communicating your brand

Strategic marketing is all about connecting your brand with your prospects and customers. By now, virtually all of us know that a logo is not a brand. It IS, however, a tool to communicate—just like the use of color, typefaces and all the other tools in the designer’s toolbox.

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we’re just a bit different…

…and that’s why we think you’ll like us!

What we do is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it’s got to be business-as-usual. We think the experience should be enjoyable. So we promise not to come to meetings with ten people dressed to the nines. But we WILL come prepared, informed and ready to help you tackle your brand challenges in a practical, friendly, low-key manner. After all, that’s really who we are.

As you’ve probably assumed, we’re left- and right-brained people. We can go from brand discovery to execution seamlessly—and every step in between. Our Small+Smart™ business model lets us grow to tackle any brand development challenge, but gives you confidence in having the right people involved at all times. You benefit from our flexibility.

Using Evernote to Organize Brand Research and Thinking

From the smallest assignment to the deepest brand development project, I collect and create loads of information that needs to be organized. While I can be a messy, abstract, nonlinear…